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the unique design concept from Munich


"You cannot have a style, if you are afraid of others´opinions." (Karl Lagerfeld)

Fashion attracts people with style. People, who have arrived at the level of an individual outfit, who like to be inspired by fashion and lifestyle-magazines, but who do not want to be their dedicated followers.  

Press: Vivienne Westwood says: "Do it yourself!"

It attracts as well people, who want to be creative themselves. This modern service-concept of Designer Creative Workshops, Craffista-Meetings, Jewellery Jams or Company Events embodies the motto: "Everyone is a designer".


Fluxus Fashion also creates own pieces in an unusual but wearable design, fancy accessories and unique jewellery. The frontiers between fashion and art fade. This design-concept is based on fluxus art, you should know.


for example: Jana Bohl (Founder of Fluxus Fashion) is the only seleced artist from Germany to present at Design Triennale Tallinn,

Moda Bavarica by Fluxus Fashion:

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